...there are enough dynamic and quirky edges on songs like “International Shortwave” to sustain the album and make me wonder what Hollier is going to do next.
— Chris Kompanek, Huffington Post
KING ROPES are able to refresh the vocal snarl of Mick Jagger and Lou Reed, while weaving through cogent instrumental arrangements. DIRT has a number of different styles that the band includes, but the cohesion of the release is considerable...
— James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine
Dirt is a great soundtrack for a bar fight, a marriage proposal at a roadside diner, a Pride parade outside a monster truck pull, a lazy walk through the woods, or anywhere you care to be. Witty, raw, honest and excellently made, King Rope’s latest record Dirt is a knock out.
— Lisa Waugh, Skallywag Magazine
King Ropes has released a new album, but instead of calling the album Dirt, it should have been titled Rare Gem. That’s because King Ropes produces an interesting new sound from veteran musician Dave Hollier, who’s been influenced by some of the best. Hollier’s vocals are as good or better than any top indie group out there today — he also plays guitar and, interestingly, makes some very cool industrial noise.”
— John Daly, West Coast Rocker


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